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Border Radius

  • Example 1:

    Border Radius Rounded

    Border Radius Rounded Right 0

    Border Radius Rounded Bottom 0

  • Code:

    <p class="vbor-rr">Border Radius Rounded</p>
    <p class="vbor-rr vbor-rr0">Border Radius Rounded Right 0</p>
    <p class="vbor-rr vbor-rb0">Border Radius Rounded Bottom 0</p>
  • Example 2:

    Border Radius Circular

    Border Radius Circular Left 0

    Border Radius Circular Top 0

  • Code:

    <p class="vbor-rc">Border Radius Circular</p>
    <p class="vbor-rc vbor-rl0">Border Radius Circular Left 0</p>
    <p class="vbor-rc vbor-rt0">Border Radius Circular Top 0</p>


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